How To Recruit and Vet Board Members

Level II
Instructor: Julia Patrick

How To Recruit and Vet Board Members

COURSE #301177206   Any nonprofit organization is led by the efforts of its Board of Directors.  From establishing mission, vision and values to fundraising, a Board is the foundation of organizational success.  But how is a strong Board created and where do great Board Members come from?  In this workshop the following topics are covered:

  • Defining what type of Board membership skills are needed
  • Board diversity is much more than gender and ethnicity
  • Formation of Emeritus, Honorary, Young Professional and Leadership Boards
  • Board job descriptions, measurements and evaluations
  • Board governance issues and key factors in keeping Board Members engaged
  • Term limits and pathways to cultivating top leadership positions
  • How to vet prospective Board Members
  • Process of voting in new Board Members

Level of Rigor / Difficulty - BEGINNER +

Recommended Prerequisites - NONE 

Julia Patrick
Julia Patrick
Founder / CEO American Nonprofit Academy

About The Instructor

“I marvel at the spirit of philanthropy and the can-do attitude of nonprofits,” says Julia C. Patrick.  As the Founder of the American Nonprofit Academy, Patrick see the passion and dedication of service organizations daily.  A multi-generational philanthropist, Board Member and volunteer, the CEO has been involved with community service since childhood. 

Patrick, a native of Phoenix, Arizona has served on culture, education and social service Boards.  She has worked with more than 500 nonprofit organizations during her career.  Prior to establishing the American Nonprofit Academy, Patrick published award-winning niche publications such as The Arts and Crafts Chronicle, The Wedding Chronicle, Food & Flourish and Frontdoors News over a 25 year span.  Patrick’s work with nonprofits in media led her to realize these organizations were desperate for cost effective training and topic-specific education.

The process of philanthropy is a constant in communities across America, but it’s a changing sector.  “Benevolence is no longer the only reason for giving.  Donors are expecting more, demanding measurements and seeking solutions,” explains Patrick.  “Today’s nonprofits need to operate from a place of passion and accomplish their missions using all the business tools of a professional organization.”

This is where the American Nonprofit Academy comes in.  Using engaging panel discussions, lectures, on-line courses, workshops and webinars with highly respected experts, Patrick and her team have developed innovative low-cost programs focused on educating nonprofits.  “Our goal is to help nonprofits achieve their mission, vision and values,” adds Patrick.  This includes working with nonprofit leadership level professionals, volunteers, donors and Board Members.  “As organizations search for innovations and solutions, our curriculum continues to expand.”

Course Contents

1 Video
1.0 hr

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