Mastering Board Diversity

Level I
Instructor: Julia Patrick

Mastering Board Diversity

COURSE #30117204    Your Board of Directors is the foundation for success.  Mastering Board diversity is a key element to structuring your NPO Board.  It's a lot more than gender and ethnicity.  Learn how to evaluate your Board representation and work towards accomplishing a functioning Board that achieves its mission, vision and values.  

In this workshop learn how to specifically evaluate your current Board of Directors diversity.  A downloadable PDF is included in this course and is an excellent tool of measurement. With this knowledge, the next step navigates your organization and leadership towards filling much needed areas of diverse talent.

Julia Patrick
Julia Patrick
Founder / CEO American Nonprofit Academy

About The Instructor

“I love my work and most happy when I can help nonprofits reach their mission, vision and values”—Julia Patrick.

After attending Claremont McKenna College and studying Asian Economics, Julia was recruited to RH Macy’s Executive training program in northern California.  Within two years, she left the corporate environment and pursued a variety of businesses with her companion (future husband). The subsequent 10 years of lessons from entrepreneurship yielded both success and failures.

As a native Arizonan instilled with a family sense of service to the community, beginning in 2001, Julia created and founded Frontdoors news magazine.  Originally printed, the publication covered the nonprofit and philanthropic news of Arizona. The award winning news publication grew beyond the boundaries of the State, and with Julia’s 18 years of guidance, successfully maneuvered into the digital age.

Recently, Julia has presented at more than 90 events and seminars about nonprofits, their people, problems and opportunities.   Serving currently or in the past on the Boards of civic justice, domestic violence and performing arts nonprofit organizations, Julia has tremendous insight balanced with an understanding of the real issues and concerns of nonprofit staff, volunteers, and funders.

Julia C. Patrick is the Founder and CEO of American Nonprofit Academy.

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Mastering Board Diveristy - Lesson 1