The Compliance Top Ten: Regular NPO Tasks That Matter

Level II
Instructor: Laura Lo Bianco

The Compliance Top Ten: Regular NPO Tasks That Matter

COURSE #30718200 - Attorney Laura Lo Bianco discusses The Compliance Top Ten.  It may seem basic, but there are specific compliance issues that are required by law and they demand an annual review.  Don't let your NPO move throughout the year without checking off compliance tasks.  From HR issues to IRS details, there are essential tasks that must be dealt with.   Lo Bianco, a Partner at Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie Attorneys, specializes in nonprofit law.  She has been an active Board Member on large size nonprofits where she has learned first hand how a NPO should function.  

In this discussion, conducted by the American Nonprofit Academy, Laura Lo Bianco presents 10 compliance action items that must be annually reviewed in order to maintain legal standards on both federal and local levels. 

Laura has also crafted a one page handout that will help any nonprofit organization guide themselves through the annual process. The Compliance Top Ten Check List is a downloadable PDF that will help any nonprofit organization a specific guide to keep on track.  

This course covers:

  • Explanation of what compliance means and how it impacts NPOs
  • Understanding how compliance policies are measured 
  • Areas where compliance must be observed 
  • When to update policies
  • Strategies for managing compliance policy programs and records
  • Why it is critical to understand the compliance issue of IRS 990s

Level of Rigor / Difficulty - BEGINNER +

Recommended Prerequisites - None


Laura Lo Bianco
Laura Lo Bianco
Partner, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie

About The Instructor

Laura Lo Bianco is a Partner with Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie.  She works with nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations and focuses her practice on corporate law and transactional matters. Her general corporate experience includes business counseling, the formation of organizations, including non-profit, tax-exempt organizations and limited liability companies, corporate governance, and maintenance of requisite organizational records.

Laura also advises various tax-exempt entities, such as private foundations, public charities, schools, support organizations and other entities that are tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. She has experience with mergers and acquisitions, the purchase, sale and lease of real property, and negotiation of contracts.

Laura enjoys spending time with her family watching professional sporting events.


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1.0 hr

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