PIED Assessment Topics

Level III
Instructor: Jarrett Ransom

PIED Assessment Topics

COURSE #30518205 

A Professional Interim Executive Director is a strategic approach to dealing with a change in leadership.  In this discussion, conducted by the American Nonprofit Academy, Jarrett Ransom presents a thoughtful, precise and achievable plan for working with a PIED and it all starts with a PIED Assessment.  Learn the specific topics which must be reviewed by a PIED and discussed with the Board of Directors before moving forward with a new Executive Director

Jarrett Ransom
The Rayvan Group

This course covers:

  • How a PIED functions
  • Truth To Power - PIED Assessment
  • Specific areas of the nonprofit's business which must be reviewed
  • How to share challenges with Board - Truth To Power
  • Time-frame of the PIED Assessment
  • This course includes a supplemental PDF titled PIES Assessment Checklist

Level of Rigor / Difficulty - INTERMEDIATE +

Recommended Prerequisites - Course 30518204 Leadership in Transition:  Engaging a PIED.
Jarrett Ransom
Jarrett Ransom
President / CEO

About The Instructor

Jarrett Ransom started The Rayvan Group in 2009 and brings more than 15 years’ experience with international, national and local organizations, including Girls Golf of Phoenix, Habitat for Humanity, the Paraiso Project and St. Mary's Food Bank. She has successfully managed development and communications functions for more than 10 campaigns with a combined goal totaling $6 million. 

She is passionate about creating community, empowering others to see and exceed their full potential, and crafting compelling stories in support of mission-driven organizations. 

Jarrett holds an MBA in business from the University of Phoenix and Certificate of Grant Writing from The Grantsmanship Center Institute.  Awards include Greater Phoenix Athena Nominee, AmAZing Women of Arizona recipient and the Global Women's Summit Leadership Award. 

Email:  jransom@therayvangroup.com

Course Contents

1 Video
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Leadership in Transition: Engaging a PIED