Onboarding NPO New Hires

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Onboarding NPO New Hires


  • L E A R N

    Why a substantial and thoughtful onboarding program for new hires is essential for nonprofit organizations.

  • K N O W L E D G E

    Learn a strategy and process for onboarding new hires that can become a regular HR tool used by your organization.

  • K E Y

    A strong onboarding program starts off new hires the right way and builds better opportunities for success.

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Course Highlights

  • Onboarding starts well before the new hire even starts their new job

  • How to get away from "First Day - Worst Day" starts

  • Understanding the set up phase for new hires

  • How to conduct check-ins instead of waiting for a 90 day review

  • Use a strategy tool created by Avenir Consulting to make sure the onboarding process is being done

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