19 Top Trends for Nonprofits

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19 Top Trends for Nonprofits


  • L E A R N

    The top trends for nonprofit organizations in 2019. Get concise insights on what the sector is in love with as well as falling out of love with!

  • K N O W L E D G E

    Funders, donors, corporate partners and nonprofits are buzzing about certain things. Understanding what the hot topics are could help in strategic planning.

  • K E Y

    Don't be left out on a nonprofit sector trend. Know what is on the horizon and what questions your nonprofit may be asked about. Your mission is critical - how you navigate the nonprofit sector is part of achieving success!

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Course Highlights

  • From donor trends to social trends - how society is evaluating nonprofits

  • Listed from lowest to highest concern, this course might help your NPO determine focus areas

  • Align your NPO to what the national sector is doing - this information will build stronger relationships with funders

  • Understand how clients are now finding out about your NPO and how to measure it

  • Includes downloadable recap PDF for an additional resource!

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