CFRE Continuing Education Preparing For Event Sponsorship Asks

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 CFRE Continuing Education Preparing For Event Sponsorship Asks


  • C F R E - C R E D I T

    This course has been certified as a qualified Continuing Education Credit for the Certified Fund Raising Executive - CFRE Program

  • C R E D I T S

    This course qualifies for 1.25 hours of CFRE Continuing Education Credits

  • L E A R N

    Is your NPO having an event to raise money or awareness? Get event costs funded first with sponsorships.

  • K N O W L E D G E

    Understand how to determine sponsorship benefits, communicate and build a first-rate sponsorship deck. Develop strategies for successful event Corporate Sponsorships.

  • K E Y

    Don't hold an event without getting your costs underwritten first. Event sponsorships are possible with the right strategies!

  • A C H I E V E M E N T

    Once you have completed your American Nonprofit Academy course, you will receive an official certificate of completion and a badge. Use these items for CFRE documentation.

Course Highlights

  • The timeframe needed to approach and secure sponsorships

  • How to determine your sponsorship levels and what amounts work best

  • How sponsors want their underwritting rewarded

  • Page by Page review of a sponsorship deck that works

  • The process of sponsorship underwritting contracts

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