Implications of Cross-Cultural Research

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Implications of Cross-Cultural Research


  • L E A R N

    How navigating research will impact your nonprofit across the donor and funder landscape as well as understanding your service mission.

  • K N O W L E D G E

    Nonprofit leadership and Boards often think they know the problems and solutions of their sector. Research can often tell another story.

  • K E Y

    Cross-cultural research is an approach to understanding clients, impacts, issues an foundations of a community. Data collection is critical to understanding nonprofit service.

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Course Highlights

  • What does cross-cultural research really mean?

  • How research can reveal different things about our nonprofit - contrary to what we believe

  • The difference between EMIC and ETIC research methods

  • Costs and timeframes invovled in research collection

  • How donors are at the forefront of wanting data and metrics when it comes to making funding decisions

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