Launching NPO Research Projects

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Launching NPO Research Projects


  • L E A R N

    Research and data are becoming valuable assets for nonprofits. How do you get started and ramp up for the process?

  • K N O W L E D G E

    Understand why and how research is critical to nonprofits. From a smart pilot project to more ambitious data collection learn how to craft a strategy.

  • K E Y

    Data from research can become a major factor in everything from funding to policy as well as developing stronger client services. What you think you know vs what is real is often discovered by research.

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Course Highlights

  • How research is used internally for the NPO

  • How research is used externally by the community and NPO sector

  • Understanding methodology and selecting the proper research model

  • How to navigate research assessments and why outside researchers can digest information that NPOs often miss

  • Research can often redirect a NPO and lead it in a new direction which

  • Understanding the issues between what a NPO thinks they do and what the community needs

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