Networking and Making Connections

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Networking and Making Connections


  • L E A R N

    To overcome fear and stress at networking opportunities with a specific approach to the process

  • K N O W L E D G E

    It's not enough to "buck up" and attend a networking event. Learn the skills it takes to be a confident and successful networker.

  • K E Y

    Networking is a skill. It can become natural, without pretense and anyone can learn how to do it. Learn the process of having a plan and how to apply elements of networking throughout your day!

  • A C H I E V E M E N T

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Course Highlights

  • The concept of Host -vs- Guest mentality at networking events

  • How to set a plan and what that plan should include

  • How to avoid networking actions that fail. Hint: don't sit down with that cocktail just yet!

  • Tips to success such as where to stand, how to engage and attending events with certain tools

  • How to determine if you had a successful networking experience and how to make improvements

  • Why listening might just be your best networking trick!

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