HIPAA Compliance Training

Level I
Instructor: Tara Bethell

HIPAA Compliance Training

COURSE 31118202   HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is a nation standard used in all locations where personal medical information is kept.  This includes medical offices, hospitals, medical testing and lab centers, shelters, human services, insurance providers and associated contractors.  If your nonprofit keeps or records sensitive health information HIPAA compliance must be observed.  

Upon successful completion of the course students will receive a digital certificate of completion.  

In this one hour course, HIPAA standards are explained and discussed.  In this course learn:

  • The concept of HIPAA
  • HIPAA terms frequently used
  • Privacy rule basics
  • HIPAA compliance issues
  • Patient Rights under HIPAA
  • HIPAA In Action - what to do and not to do
  • Regulatory fines for penalty actions

This course is not intended to replace qualified HIPAA trained legal counsel.

Tara Bethell
Tara Bethell
Consultant and Practice Leader

About The Instructor


Tara is a Consultant and the Practice Leader of Avenir HR Services, bringing her passion and enthusiasm to helping nonprofits maximize their greatest assets – their employees.

Prior to joining Avenir, she was a senior HR executive at a large, nonprofit healthcare organization where she changed the employee culture from one of basic compliance to a community of engagement, fun, and collaboration.

Tara holds an Executive MBA, with a Servant Leader emphasis and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, with an emphasis in Human Resources. She also holds both national HR certifications.

email: tara@avenirconsultingpartners.com

Course Contents

3 Videos
1.0 hr