The NPO Point of Entry

Level I
Instructor: American Nonprofit Academy

The NPO Point of Entry

Course #301177203    Nonprofits who have a POE or Point of Entry connect with potential donors, staff, volunteers and stakeholders.  The POE concept is a marketing tool that allows nonprofits to demonstrate what they do and how they serve.  A meaningful POE builds stronger connections and develops relationships.  Take our short video lesson, with our compliments, to spark a new approach that connects your nonprofit to the community!

Level of Rigor / Difficulty - BEGINNER +

Recommended Prerequisites - NONE 

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American Nonprofit Academy
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The American Nonprofit Academy supports the nonprofit sector with education, informational tools and resources that ignite success.  We bring leadership, education, connectivity and collaboration to the nonprofit community.  In this course, the American Nonprofit Academy hosts an in depth conversation with an expert.  Learn the latest information designed to move your nonprofit organization forward in this conversational format.

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The NPO Point of Entry