Protecting Your Nonprofit From Fraud

Level II
Instructor: Brenda Blunt, CPA

Protecting Your Nonprofit From Fraud

COURSE #30918200   Nonprofits are highly vulnerable to fraud.  It is most often internal and can go on for tremendously long periods of time.  In many cases, the nonprofit suffers enormous losses so severe that is can close the organization.  

Learn from Brenda Blunt, CPA and Partner at the national accounting firm of Eide Bailly in this course.  She discusses with Julia C. Patrick, Founder of the American Nonprofit Academy how to not only recognize fraud but protect your nonprofit from the perils of theft.

In this course learn:

  • The Fraud Triangle concept
  • The differences between, fraud, theft and embezzlement
  • The origins of fraud and how it often starts small but then grows
  • How data misrepresentation is fraud
  • How to build internal controls that minimize risk
  • Tips on discovering fraud from the inside of an organization

Level of Rigor / Difficulty - BEGINNER +

Recommended Prerequisites - NONE 

Brenda Blunt, CPA
Brenda Blunt, CPA
CPA, CGMA and Partner

About The Instructor

Brenda A. Blunt, CPA provides services to nonprofit organizations, closely-held business and their stakeholders. She represents clients before the Internal Revenue Service. She works with the preparation of individual, business, investment and nonprofit returns and assists with tax planning when moving into new lines of business, starting an enterprise or closing a line of operation or the entire organization. She is experienced in planning and minimization of unrelated business income tax for nonprofit organizations.

Making complex information and rules understandable and accessible, providing advice and direction (including saying "yes'' when at all possible and "no'' when necessary), and staying calm when things are tough are what Brenda's clients say they appreciate about working with her.                                           

Brenda loves to read history, historical fiction, science fiction and trivia. She gets her fresh air and exercise growing flowers and flowering bushes, along with general yard work. She loves nature's beauty, whether in her own yard or in the variety of towns and ecosystems in the great state of Arizona. She also travels to see major sights in the United States and has begun expanding into international travel. Her hobbies share the common thread of connecting with the earth and humanity in ways that expand her perspective and world view.    


Course Contents

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1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Protecting Your Nonprofit From Fraud