Instructor Frequently Asked Questions

How does the American Nonprofit Academy work for Instructors?

We designed the American Nonprofit Academy to be your podium in front of America’s nonprofit community. Serving as an elevated platform for your knowledge, our goal is to connect qualified experts with nonprofit organization professionals, volunteers, and supporters from across the United States along with the Non-Government Organizations across the world.

What skills do I need to become an American Nonprofit Academy Instructor?
The most important skill you can bring is your willingness to listen to the needs of the nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations have very distinct needs depending on their mission, vision and values. Because of this we don’t need simple generic knowledge. The more tailored your knowledge to the needs specific to the missions of the people and groups serving others, the more value you bring to this podium. For example, women’s health advocacy groups need to know the latest issues concerning pending legislation -- which would be a great Live Webinar Course for you to offer. Perhaps this topic could lead to the creation a set of courses on how-to work within the HIPAA laws for the armies of volunteers in women’s health groups.

How is American Nonprofit Academy curriculum organized?
We have segregated the curriculum categories in accordance with the US National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE). The websites Course section provides a search function which allows Students to search for their very specific learning needs. For example, if someone manages an animal shelter, they may want to know how to hold public events involving animals and the safety and liability issues which occur with animals. We need an Instructor who can answer those issues.

How does the American Nonprofit Academy reach Students?
We market using digital social media linkage in combination with scheduled active email marketing. Our Instructors and Students use their global linkage and our reach multiplies. We nurture a database of more than 150,000+ individuals actively participating in nonprofit organizations across the USA. Using the digital tools constructed within our platform your classroom size is unlimited.

When and how are Instructors paid?
The American Nonprofit Academy pays the Instructor's revenue share per Student. This payment is made at the end of each month and is accompanied by a report detailing Course activity. In compliance with the IRS, 1099 forms are also distributed.

What methods can I use to teach?
Instructors can construct their course and materials the way they want. Using: Recorded Webinars, Live Webinars, voice over slide presentations with images, archive materials, or even video from any location appropriate to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. All Copyright issues must be observed and honored. Your Course content, images and materials must observe Copyright laws. Our students are looking for value in their learning. Course content specific to their needs and an online experience which is pleasant to view are the keys. PowerPoint and Zoom Webinars are common platforms used.

If you need help in constructing your digital presentation we can provide you a connection to one of our staff Production Guides who will walk you through the technicalities of designing your course/materials and can also serve as a panel host/facilitator to your lessons. There is no obligation to use one of our Guide staff if you feel comfortable with constructing an on-line course or Webinar. However, the Production Guides can help you with the technical aspects or packaging of your course materials and provide tips to help your courses be successful in the on-line environment. All content is subject to review and approval by the American Nonprofit Academy before it is published on the site.

How are Course and Webinar prices set?
To make it easier for Students to budget, commit and engage with online Courses at the American Nonprofit Academy there are three main Course prices associated with Level I, Level II and Level III. Live Webinar Courses are priced at a higher rate. Regarding Live Webinars, Instructors can set their own pricing so long as it exceeds the highest price level of our on-line courses. The more specialized and valuable your teaching-- the higher price the students will be willing to pay you. Periodically, to all Students or to large associated groups of Students, American Nonprofit Academy may offer a learning discount, ranging from 5% to 30% of the Course or Webinar price. These special offers are managed by us and will affect your revenue share.

How do I sign up to be an Instructor with the American Nonprofit Academy?
We have an Instructor Application form. There are no fees to apply or on-going charges to be an Instructor at the American Nonprofit Academy. The application asks you to provide a brief account of your professional experience and qualifications, plus a section asking what course areas you would like to teach. Send it to us as instructed on the form. We will send you a confirmation we received it and a subsequent contact if there is a position on the podium.

What if I have never taught before or am really not great with technology?
A keen ability to teach is not a prerequisite of our platform. If you have good and important information to share we can help you package that information to get it out to the nonprofits who need it. We are looking for experts in a multitude of areas which nonprofits can use to achieve their mission, vision and values. Once you are on-board as an Instructor, we mutually complete a course outline and criteria packet. We can direct you to a variety of web resources to help with your production aspects.  Alternately, you can choose to pay one of our staff Production Guides an hourly fee to pull together what you need and want.