• What if I don't have an account yet?

    To signup, simply click on the "Create a new account" text above. There are no costs to signup as a student or any obligation to buy courses. This will enroll you as a student and place you on our formal mailing list, which you can unsubscribe from at any time. Welcome!

  • I can’t remember my Student sign-in code.

    Don’t worry we will get you keys back into the Kingdom in short order. You will see the sign-in requests both your email address and password. To the lower right below the Password box is a Forgot Password? wording. Click Forgot Password? and fill the highlighted box with your email address, then click submit. Next, check your email in-box and our computer will have sent you a reset link to the email account you have on file with us. From that email you can reset your password. Please try NOT to create a new account as you will lose the Student Dashboard tracking of all the hard work you have already done.

  • What type of password is needed?

    You may enter any combination of 6 or more letters, symbols or numbers.